How often do you vaccum your house?


When you schedule a one hour Maid Service or Upholstery cleaning you can purchase a traffic area carpet cleaning for as low as


This includes all carpeted traffic areas throughout your home,

spot treatment and odor neutralizer.

Must be used at the time of Maid Service or Upholstery cleaning.

(Stair cleaning is additional and is 20% off regular low price)

Most homes we go into develop traffic patterns through normal use. Examples include down hallways, in and out of certain doorways, around beds through everyday use, favorite chairs and so on. These traffic patterns can make the whole carpet look dirty. Not to say that the entire carpet does not need cleaning, but we have found that cleaning just these areas can greatly improve the overall appearance of your carpet plus extend the life of your carpet.

The traffic areas special is meant to address just those areas that you walk through on a regular basis. It does not include cleaning underneath furniture or returning furniture that needs to be shifted for proper cleaning to their original position.  It does not include carpeted areas that are not part of your traffic pattern.

While doing maid service and or upholstery cleaning, we will assess your carpets traffic patterns.  Based on your home size, use and the condition of the traffic area, we will determine the lowest price we can give you.

Please understand that worn carpet, carpet fibers that are lying flat against the floor; is known as carpet fatigue. The carpet fibers no longer spring back up once walked on. There is nothing that can be done about this but cleaning that area will enhance the carpets overall appearance.

Please call or email us to schedule your appointment.

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