How often do you vaccum your house?
Cleaning Maintenance Schedule

The number one household tool you can have to help you keep your house clean is to clean your house according to a time table.  Realize that we all become  acclimated to our surroundings.  We don't notice how dirty our carpet is until we begin to see traffic areas, or one day you look up and see a line of dust on the leading edge of your ceiling fan blades.  Making a cleaning chart is easy and serves two purposes.  First, it reminds you of when an area needs cleaning.  Second, if you follow your schedule you will cut the time it takes to clean your home in half.  Cleaning a ceiling fan every two months takes about 3 minutes compared to 6-8  minutes if you wait  until you see that dust lined fan blade edge.

Below is a sample Cleaning Maintenance Schedule you can use as a guide to customize your own.

Click here to download a blank copy. (Adobe Reader required)

Cleaning Schedule










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